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  Conditions we treat:
Back & neck pain
Sports injuries
Whiplash injuries
Post-op rehabilitation
Soft tissue injuries
Neurological conditions

  Services we offer:
Mobilisation and manipulation
Excercise regimes
Ultrasound and interferential
Biomechanical assesssments
Postural & ergonomic advice

Frequently Asked Questions

What is physiotherapy?
Physiotherapy is the treatment of any condition by physical means including, massage,mobilisation, manipulation, electrotherapy, motivation and exercises. Physiotherapy helps pain relief,healing and recovery in most medical and surgical conditions.

What sort of conditions can a Chartered physiotherapist treat?
At The Physio Centre we commonly treat the following conditions / injuries:
  • Back and neck pain
  • soft tissue injuries
  • sports injuries
  • post operative rehabilitation
  • whiplash injuries
  • neurological conditions

How does Chartered Physiotherapy differ from other "alternative" forms of healing?
The methods used by alternative therapies differ widely, but most of their theories and principles are included as standard practice in Chartered Physiotherapy, which is the orthodox alternative.

Manipulative therapy
This is the skilful restoration of the mobility of the soft tissues and joints using a variety of mobilisation techniques, and is based on a thorough understanding of anatomy and physiology.

Massage is used to rebalance the musculo-skeletal system, by working specifically on muscles, tendons and joints and ligaments. Mobilisation of joints is a precise, non traumatic technique which works to rebalance soft tissues enabling freedom of joint movement, and also the normal function of vascular and neural systems.

To arrange an appointment or to speak to a physiotherapist, call us now on
0121 603 8374

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