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  Conditions we treat:
Back & neck pain
Sports injuries
Whiplash injuries
Post-op rehabilitation
Soft tissue injuries
Neurological conditions

  Services we offer:
Mobilisation and manipulation
Excercise regimes
Ultrasound and interferential
Biomechanical assesssments
Postural & ergonomic advice

Our Services

The Physio Centre provide the following services:
  • mobilisation and manipulation
  • progressive exercise regimes
  • ultrasound and interferential
  • biomechanical assessments
  • postural and ergonomic advice


whether you are old or young , very fit or just unfit, injury to bone, joint, muscle or tendon can spoil your enjoyment of life.

Chartered physiotherapists concentrate on assessing you and restoring function.

What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is the careful assessment, treatment and management of your body to help the joints, muscles and nerves function to their full potential.

Chartered physiotherapists use a wide range of specialist skills including manipulation, mobilisation, massage and exercise therapy to reduce pain and stiffness. Electrotherapy techniques such as ultrasound and interferential are sometimes used to speed up your body's ability to repair damaged tissues.

Where is the problem?

Physiotherapy can help you with:
  • Back Pain : disc disorders, sciatica, low back pain and sacro -iliac joint problems
  • Neck Pain : stiff neck, whiplash, and headaches, face and jaw pain.
  • Joint Problems : athritis and frozen shoulder, painful knees and hips.
  • Sports Injuries : pulled muscles and sprained ligaments, with rehabilitation back to sport.
  • Seasonal Injuries : skiing, gardening, football and tennis.
  • Work Related : hand and arm pain and general postural problems.
  • Soft Tissue Injuries : tennis elbow and sprained ankle, Achilles tendon injuries.
  • Post Operative Conditions : total hip and knee replacements, back surgery, arthroscopy

To arrange an appointment or to speak to a physiotherapist, call us now on
0121 603 8374

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